Who We Are

About reFocus Afrika

reFocus Afrika is a leading Pan Afrikan organization, with a vision to help identify, develop, maximize and deploy potentials throughout the continent by connecting opportunities to resources. We are reputed as one of Africa’s biggest opportunities brokers with investment portfolios ranging from Education, Mining, Real Estate, Agriculture to Sports, Entertainment and Leadership Development.

Within a short period we have effectively expanded to over 15 countries on the continent with a network of partner organizations, comprising SMEs, Non-Profits, and Community Based Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Government Agencies and Educational Institutions across the continent.

The inspiration for reFocus Afrika is based on our belief that the greatest threat to the peace, prosperity, and development of the African Continent is not poverty, terrorism, climate change, deadly epidemics or the negative narratives and stereotypes that have be-deviled our collective identity: Rather, our greatest threat and weakest link has been our inability to raise a generation of young people and future leaders with a capacity for effective, efficient and humane leadership in all areas of life. The bane of development and progress on the continent has never been due to a lack of human or natural resources, ideas or will power but a lack of strategic focus in DEVELOPING, MAXIMIZING and HARNESSING our collective resources for the development and prosperity of our people.

We have placed so much emphasis on resources, organizations, and institutions without the requisite focus on developing the PEOPLE that will LEAD, DEVELOP, DEPLOY these resources and strengthen our institutions to effectively execute their mandates.

The reFocus Afrika Group is committed to mobilizing and galvanizing our people on a mission to re-Align our Vision, re-Adjust our Strategies, re-Deploy our Resources and reFocus on building the Africa of our dreams!!!