Who We Are


reFocus Afrika is a Pan-Afrikan organization incorporated in Tanzania, East Africa, with a vision to identify, develop and maximize potentials on the continent by connecting opportunities to resources. We aim to support global initiatives by implementing transformative projects and programs focusing on agriculture, clean water, energy, housing, education, sports, training, and business development.

We strive to identify, nurture, and unleash the untapped potentials of communities by connecting opportunities with resources. Recognized as one of Africa’s foremost opportunities brokers, we have garnered a strong reputation for our investment portfolios, encompassing key sectors such as Mining, Agriculture, Housing, Education, Sports, Entertainment, and Leadership Development. These diverse areas allow us to address the multifaceted challenges of vulnerable populations in any region.

In a remarkably short period, we have expanded our reach to encompass over 15 countries across the continent. This accomplishment is made possible by establishing a robust network of partner organizations, including SMEs, Non-Profits, Community-Based Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Government Agencies, and Educational Institutions. We unite, leveraging our expertise and resources to bring about sustainable change.

At reFocus Afrika, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to the well-being and prosperity of African communities. Our strategic approach to leveraging partnerships guides our every endeavor, ensuring that the needs of the people we serve are at the heart of our projects and programs. Let us embark on this transformative journey, one step at a time.



We have multiple funding mechanism options through various partnerships, including but not limited to; our geo-political consulting partners and investors.



reFocus Afrika supports every country’s development agenda through targeted agriculture, education, training, and infrastructure interventions. By leveraging our expertise, resources, and partnerships, we aim to contribute to the country’s socioeconomic progress, enhance livelihoods, and create sustainable opportunities for your people. We look forward to working closely with your government, local communities, and other stakeholders to implement these initiatives and achieve tangible results for the progress and prosperity of the nation.

Together, we can build a brighter, more prosperous future for the continent.