At Refocus Afrika Mines, our growth strategy is pure and simple. With our joint ventures, fully-constructed operating Gold and Gemstone Mines located in Mbeya, Mwanza, Singida and Morogoro regions in Tanzania and significant exploration upside, our strategy is to invest and partner with indigenous owned mines, support, enhance and help optimize production organically by investing in human capacity development, community development, technological upgrades, expansion of trade markets, acquisition and advancing exploration of new mines across our various locations in Tanzania.

Our Goal is to build a trans-generational mining company by developing our multi-million-ounce gold and gemstones deposits in incremental stages – step-by-step, using a disciplined and financially-solid Phased approach to mine development.


Our portfolio includes the supply of precious metals and gemstones such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Mica, Calcite, Dolomite, Granite, Rhinestones, Palladium, Quartz, Silica Oxide, Feldspar, Tsavolet, Amethyst and gem products. Our international network and partners gives its access to local knowledge and expertise in unlocking value and providing clients with secure access to prime commodities.

We aspire to be the leading supplier of precious metals like Gold, Silver and precious stones. All of our precious metals and gemstones for sale on this site have been produced from our mines. refined, polished and hand selected for their amazing quality and natural beauty. When you buy from the refocus afrika mines , you can be assured that you are not only receiving the highest quality available anywhere but also contributing significantly to supporting and empowering indigenous miners at the grassroots level to operate with the highest ethical standards while optimizing productions.


  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Copper,
  • Mica,
  • Calcite,
  • Dolomite,
  • Granite,
  • Rhinestones,
  • Quartz,
  • Silica Oxide,
  • Feldspar,
  • Tsavorite,
  • Amethyst