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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

About UsAbout Race2Build Afrika

The reFocus Afrika Cultural Exchange (RACE) and Business Internationalization Development (BUILD) is an innovative program designed by reFocus Afrika to help provide and facilitate cultural exchange and business internationalization opportunities for international collegiate and university students, especially HBCU students and black owned businesses from the global diaspora nation to be hosted in any of the Afrikan countries where we operate our programs all year round.

Our Vision is to facilitate and promote mutual understanding between Afrikans and the global Afrikan diaspora by means of cultural, professional, and educational exchanges, to promote international cooperation, business internationalization and foster the development of friendly, supportive, and peaceful relations between Afrikans and the global diaspora nation.

Our Mission is to create an affordable, effective, and efficient platform that provides the global Afrikan diaspora with bespoke opportunities to participate in professional, educational, and cultural programs in Afrika with the aim of discovering potentials, connecting opportunities, and deploying resources for the internationalization of black businesses and ideas and development of the continent.

Race2AfricaHow Our Program

Race2AfricaHow Our Program Works

RACE2BUILD Afrika is conceived to be a 10 day well curated travel experience to Afrika for our international participants. It is designed to offer a first-class, holistic, and Afrocentric experience that is both educational, entertaining, and empowering to all participants. Our participants get to visit and spend time with senior government officials, elder statemen in the country and respected traditional rulers to gain better insights on both the geo-politics of the country and understand the history and cultural heritage of the people. Also, they get to visit notable academic and government institutions, network and enjoy brainstorming sessions with students and staff. We also schedule tours to strategic private sector investments in the city and meetings with the organized private sector to explore the business and investment climate in the country and gain valuable feedback.

Our participants are assured of a complete edutainment experience with invitations to hang out and party with notable celebrities, have a good time with the paparazzi and a taste of the entertainment sector in the country. We make sure all participants have a panoramic view of the city, the culture, and the people, they get to see and experience both the wealth and luxury of the city on one end and the poverty and deprivation of the people on the other extreme, thus creating a balanced perspective of the reality, potentials, and possibilities inherent in the city.

Our goal is that all our participants will return to their home country not only with pleasant memories and lessons that last a lifetime but a deeper understanding, appreciation, and integration of the culture, thereby raising proud reFocus Afrika Ambassadors contributing to the peace, progress, and development of Afrika beyond boundaries!

ReasonsWhy Join the Race2Build Afrika Program

RACE exposes global diasporans to learn about cultural differences in Afrika, build cultural competence, compare healthcare systems, experience personal growth and professional development
RACE provides an opportunity for increased cognitive development and the ability to effectively work in diverse teams
RACE promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding of the Afrikan culture, enriching participants' experiences of dealing with problems caused by cultural differences that are peculiar to Afrika
RACE provides an opportunity that facilitates and improves linguistic capabilities while developing a holistic awareness of the Afrikan culture
RACE facilitates and promotes professional and personal networking within the continent that culminates in the internationalization of business
RACE contributes to the development of an Afrocentric mindset, allowing Afrikan diasporans to be innovative and adaptable in their future careers

BenefitsMembership Benefits of  Race2Build Afrika Program

Opportunity to participate in the reFocus Afrika Business and Leadership Development Mentorship program

Opportunity to participate in the reFocus Afrika internship program with our partner organizations and host government MDAs in partner Afrikan countries

Opportunity to access academic and sports scholarship opportunities in all reFocus Afrika partner universities and institutions in the U.S.A. and Afrika

Official invitations, tickets discounts to all reFocus Afrika events and programs including our exclusive reFocus Afrika Investors Network Summits held in respective countries

Opportunity to network with some of our partner organizations and investors both locally and internationally

Exclusive discounts, priority bookings to our expert business consulting services for organizations interested in expanding or investing into Afrika

Opportunity to leverage our extensive, strong government relationships and collaborations in Afrika for your brand or business partnerships

Opportunity to schedule exclusive, private, customized trips to explore business and investment opportunities in any of the countries where we operate

Exclusive invitations, opportunity to participate in our volunteering and community development programs throughout the continent

Exclusive invitation to participate in select reFocus Afrika Investment Projects across the continent and access to our “reFocus Afrika Investment Insights review” for members

Opportunity to participate and be selected for our inaugural “reFocus Afrika Ambassador program” to represent your country/region

CountriesRace2Build Countries

The “RACE 2 BUILD AFRICA” program is currently available in the listed countries

Southern Africa Countries

West Africa

East Africa

North Africa

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