What We Do

reFocus Afrika is on a Mission…

Our Vision:
Our vision is to help identify, develop, maximize and deploy potentials throughout the continent by connecting opportunities to resources.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to become the bridge that catalyzes positive change, development and unity on the continent through an intentional and strategic reNewal of the Mind, reFocus of Vision, reAlignment of Mission and reDeployment of Resources throughout Africa targeted at maximizing our potentials.

reFocus Afrika Investments:

All of our investment projects in Africa are facilitated through the reFocus Afrika Investors Network (RAIN). RAIN is a global community of highly reputable and savvy investors with diverse investment portfolios unified and committed to deploying their resources for the economic emancipation of the African continent through projects and initiatives that directly impact and empower the people and the SMEs.

reFocus Afrika Leadership Development:

reFocus Afrika is constantly forging multi-stakeholder partnerships with both Local and Multi-National Organizations, Institutions in Leadership, Business/Entrepreneurship, Education, Medical/Healthcare, Agriculture, Finance, Career development, Industry/Manufacturing as well as within the Public and Private Sectors interested in inspiring, identifying, developing and deploying the leadership potentials for greatness in the lives of 500 million young Africans, businesses and organizations all over the continent.

We have created a thriving network of leadership and business coaches, successful entrepreneurs, academics, and national icons to create mentoring opportunities for our young people to help instill the highest values, nurture their growth, enhance their performance, empower them to succeed and secure a better future for Africa and the world at large.

Pitch Decks: