Why reFocus Afrika

Africa is blessed with abundant human and material resources and our lands are highly endowed by nature but sadly we have remained under-developed, unattractive and our potentials vastly un-deployed, the African narratives have been bitter, seemingly hopeless and helpless and sadly we have held onto that clutch for too long.

Prosperity, Peace, Security, and Unity without effective leadership will always collapse and deteriorate to anarchy and destruction. Everything we have achieved collectively as humans, nations, families, and individuals in civilization, science & technology, education, medicine and every other sector of human endeavor is at the mercy of our next generation of leaders or tyrants!

It is an open truth that success without a successor is a tragic failure, hence it becomes imperative and critical that we become intentional and deliberate in passing the baton of success to the next generation through quality leadership development and mentoring.

We believe that Peace, Prosperity, Progress, Unity and indeed all positive virtues and opportunities for growth and development are not naturally domiciled in physical places or regions but are planted and nurtured in people who cultivate these potentials and resources for the benefit of their fellow mankind and their immediate environment.

reFocus Afrika Leadership Network recognizes the truth that the difference between a palace and a prison is not the presence of walls, bars or prison guards, it is in the mentality of the individual resident in that space!

A change of mind is all it takes to create a change in man. We desire to connect this generation of Africans with the inspiration, redirection, mentoring, leadership and partnership opportunities from across the globe to rediscover their true and authentic selves, harness their potential and deploy the same in renewing, rebuilding and recreating an African continent that will be a worthy legacy to the rest of the world.