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Robert Ford, Ph.D.
Emeritus Chairman of the Board

Focus: Board of Directors, Senior External Advisors, and Steering Committees in the U.S. and Africa.


Dr. Robert Ford is a retired professor of chemistry at Texas Southern University and an advisor to the Young Conservatives organization at the Houston-based historically Black university.

Dr. Robert Ford earned his B.S. in chemistry from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Purdue University in Lafayette, IN. He was recently recognized as a distinguished alumnus by both institutions. He is also a retired professor from the Department of Chemistry in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology at Texas Southern University.

He greatly advocates the importance of building minority interest and learning support within STEM fields throughout the k-12 school system. The significance of building community support behind bolstering African American involvement in science professions. Making faculty aware of possible solutions while encouraging students to work cooperatively in teams.

Also, Dr. Robert Ford is the CEO of DFR Industries LLC and a Zotech Global LLC Advisor. He serves on the College of Science and Engineering Advisory Board for TSU and Southern University in Baton Rouge. He is a board secretary for TSU Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy. Bob is an International Consultant, having conducted projects in South Africa, Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil, Belize, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. He has also studied STEM programs in education in China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Dr. Robert Ford sits on the board of several organizations and non-profits and is also the Advisory Board Chairman of the reFocus Afrika Group, a leading and one of the fastest-growing Pan-African Organizations with a presence in over 12 countries on the continent.

“This issue is not something that one institution can solve; it is a community of institutions.” – Dr. Robert