The speed of the fight against drugs is increased.

The speed of the fight against drugs is increased.

The speed of the fight against drugs is increased. New authorities are created, addicts are trained in life skills


DRUG USE has become a family, economic and national disaster in general and many countries now, including Zanzibar, have not been affected by having many users.


This epidemic affects more the youth who are considered as the nation’s workforce in the production and development of the economy, but the use of these drugs makes them a burden and dependent in the jamil.


Drug addiction changes the way a person’s brain works and causes serious health problems such as heart disease, epilepsy, memory loss, influenza A and B and so on .


In response to the effects of these dangerous drugs, the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government of the eighth phase led by Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, has a sincere mission to eradicate the epidemic by taking sustainable measures.


While campaigning for the position of President in the 2020 general election, Dr. Mwini talked about the drug epidemic and as soon as he came to power he started to fight in action.


The most recent measures taken by the government of Dr. Mwinyi, is to approve the creation of the Authority to Control and Combat Narcotic Drugs and the dissolution of the National Commission for Coordinating and Controlling Narcotic Drugs.


The creation of that authority is to go hand in hand with the implementation of the CCM election notice, article 196 (ag) for the years 2020-2025.


The authority has been given the legal power to fully deal with drug crimes, including the ability to spy, arrest, investigate and eventually take drug-related matters to court.


Through the process of the Authority, the government has built a center to provide treatment to drug addicts. The center is located in Kidimni, Central District, South Unguja Region and was established on January 17, 2022.


Since its inception, it has received 51 addicts, nine of whom have left for various reasons and 42 are continuing with medical services.